Astraware Ltd

Astraware Ltd is a developer of games.

Best software by Astraware Ltd

Hellfire for Pocket PC
In Hellfire we must pilot a helicopter in the middle of a war.
Candy Train for Pocket PC
In Candy Train you must keep the train track connected to keep the train safe.
Noahs Ark for Pocket PC
Noah's ark has been built and it has started to rain.

Popular programs by Astraware Ltd

Alchemy for Pocket PC
Alchemy is a game by which you match different runes and turn them into gold.
Fruit Frolic for Pocket PC
Use our fruit shooter to put together pieces of fruits to make them fall.
Mazera for Pocket PC
Mazera is a puzzle game in which we must use our intelligence to succeed.
Super Bounce Out for Pocket PC
Bounce the required number of balls off the screen and move to the next level.

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